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  Gun Mounts


Conceal Club Products

Premium Quality Gun Magnets for Any Location

Simple and classic gun magnets made personally for your preparation and safety needs. Our low-key gun mounts are beautifully coated with a rubber finish in order to keep your firearms and equipment scratch-free. With our beveled counter-sunk holes, installation is as easy as ever - four black self-tapping screws make for a quick and simple job well done. Keep all of your firearms concealed with the freedom of installing your magnet virtually anywhere, including your vehicle, home, table, or vault. Guaranteed to hold up to your expectations.

Premium Quality Belly Band Holsters for Personal Concealed Carry

Clean and sleek belly band gun holsters designed for nearly any handgun. Our concealable belly holsters bring easy access to your firearm providing you with security anywhere you go. With its efficient velcro attachment, our Belly Band Holster provides adjustable sizing and comfort for most sizes and frames. The holster includes extra pockets to fit your carrying needs; keep all of your items safe and secure. Wear the holster anywhere on your torso, including your chest, mid-waist and even tucked inside your waistband. Adjustable for your comfort. Guaranteed to successfully aid in maintaining your protection.


Conceal Club

Conceal Club is a small family run business, based in Grantsville Utah, USA. 
We specialize in conceal carry items, which include gun magnet mounts and specialty gun holsters. We take pride in our high quality products and work hard to satisfy our customers.


Our Gun Magnets

Quality Product Really Holds Up

 Our first-class magnets are manufactured at a premium N45 grade, which gives them an optimal strength of holding up to 43 lbs. This was a considerable improvement from our first productions of N38 products (holding up to 35lbs), which came from customer requests. We listened and can guarantee that you will be very happy, which is our ultimate goal!

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